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The reason Juicy Lubes are the undisputed champion of flavored lubes in the world is that they look and taste absolutely amazing. Bursting with flavors that are actually good enough to eat, Juicy’s oasis of sedative varieties will satisfy even the most insatiable cravings for delicious sexual play. And to top it off, they’re sugar-free, so they’re calorie-free, meaning you can really have your cake and eat it! 12 great tasting flavors that really taste like what they say on the pump. These lubricants are water-based and condom friendly. They also have a clear formula that does not stain.

*Flavors within the 5-pack assortment may vary.

ID assortments are condom compatible as the formulas are rigorously tested to ensure condom compatibility. Extensive testing ensures that these lubricants will not negatively affect latex or polyurethane-based products such as condoms.

ID has been manufacturing personal lubricants since 1993 and are experts in the field. IDs quality lubricants are specially formulated to increase personal pleasure and comfort for a memorable intimate experience. Whether used alone or with or without condoms, ID lubricants are designed to reduce friction. When using condoms, proper lubrication helps prolong the integrity of the condom and increase overall stimulation.