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Metallic Plug Kit soft and pleasant with a shiny diamond in various colors, with the plugs you can enjoy new sensations while you start in the wonderful anal world, you will feel the freshness of the material that will counteract the high temperature of your body.



The metal anal plug with different sizes is a sex toy designed for anal exploration and stimulation of this erogenous zone. This type of toy offers a unique experience thanks to its construction with durable materials and its ability to adapt to different levels of experience and individual preferences.

  • Material and Construction: The metal anal plug is made of metal. Commonly manufactured from body-safe stainless steel. This material is not only durable and resistant, but also allows you to experiment with different temperatures, as it can be cooled or heated before use to add an additional sensory dimension.
  • Ergonomic Shape: The shape of the anal plug is ergonomic. Ergonomically designed to comfortably fit anal anatomy. It typically features a tapered tip for easy insertion and a gradually widening body, ending with a wider base to prevent the toy from being fully inserted and ensure safe removal.
  • Different Sizes: The variety of sizes available in this kit allows users to choose the level of anal expansion and stimulation they wish to experience. The smaller models are ideal for beginners, while the larger sizes are suitable for those with more experience.
  • Safe Base: The base of the anal plug is essential to ensure safety during use. It is usually shaped to prevent the toy from being inserted completely, preventing any risk of internal loss. Additionally, the base is usually wide and comfortable for prolonged use.
  • Hygiene and Maintenance: Metal is an easy material to clean and disinfect. It can be washed with warm water and mild soap, and is also compatible with sterilization. This is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent possible infections.
  • Use with Lubricants: To facilitate insertion and improve comfort, the use of water- or silicone-based lubricants is recommended with the metal anal plug. This helps minimize friction and allows for a more pleasant experience.



  • Color: Gray
  • Dimensions: Length 7 – 8 – 9 cm / Diameter 3.2 – 3.5 – 4.1 cm
  • Waterproofing: Water resistant-IPX8
  • Stimulation zone: Anal