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The Femme Fatale To Go by PRIVATE is a compact, travel-proof masturbator, ready to please you, wherever and whenever you want!

This compact, unobtrusive design is designed to help you keep up with your needs. designed to provide maximum stroking and sucking satisfaction. With a smooth, realistic texture and a comfortable grip, it’s a sensual choice for intimate satisfaction.

As part of the PRIVATE collection, the Femme Fatale To Go is available in the collection. Made with quality materials to ensure durability, a realistic experience and easy cleaning. If you want the highest standard of naughty fun, PRIVATE has you and your masculinity covered.


PRIVATE is a world leader in premium adult entertainment, with sexy content since 1965. From old classics made in the 1960s to modern blockbusters and current. With the introduction of high-end masturbation toys, you can not only see it on PRIVATE, but you can also enjoy it in person with your PRIVATE  masturbator. staff. A PRIVATE  masturbator offers unlimited, body-safe and discreet pleasure, right in the palm of your hand.


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